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Quality Policy

Dialynas S.A. company’s success is founded on the high quality services it provides, that not merely satisfy, but also overcome its customers’ expectations, creating in this way the surplus value of its brand.

The company’s main concern is the continuous reinforcement of trust and reputation regarding the services it provides, through the development and implementation of systems, standards and quality practices.

According to the President of Dialynas S.A., Dr. Emmanuel Dialynas, the employees of the company, each one separately, are responsible for the maximization of the quality of the services provided by the company, through their work and their relations with the customers.

The company’s principles, quality and safety, constitute the foundation of its commitment towards quality services.

The orientation of Dialynas S.A. in quality management is a strategic choice and the main axis of its corporate policy.

Safety and quality, as far as Dialynas S.A. is concerned, are not merely limited in providing safe and quality services. For the company, safety and security means respect for the customers, employees and associates, concern for the protection of the environment, development of local communities and commitment to shareholders and clients for a successful and profitable course.


The Administrative Board of Dialynas S.A., through its Quality Policy is committed to:

  • Abide to all its legal obligations.
  • Provide high quality services that are in line with the needs and expectations of its clients.
  • Deliver its services in the desirable time frame fully covering the demands of its clients.
  • Develop mutual trust and cooperation conditions with its suppliers.
  • Continuously monitor the technological evolutions of its sector and be part of them.
  • Effectively deal with and satisfy the existent and predicted training and specialization needs of its employees.
  • Use all necessary equipment in order to preserve and improve the effectiveness of the quality system.
  • Abide to all the principles of continuous and profitable development, preserving a high level of competitiveness.
  • Determine quality goals the realization of which should be revised periodically.
  • Set annual goals regarding safety and quality both at an individual and a team level for all of its activities.
  • Internally and externally brief its partners and employees on its strategies and performances.
  • Secure the continuation of its performances in product safety and quality issues through the implementation and certification of effective safety and quality management systems according to the standards ISO 14001, ΟΗSAS 18001, ISO 9001 και ISO 17025 in every activity of Dialynas S.A.