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Orenco Systems Inc

Dialynas S.A. is the exclusive representative of Orenco Systems Inc. In Greece and Cyprus, and it distributes its products in all Europe and in the Mediterranean. It undertakes the introduction, assembly and distribution of the company’s systems.

Orenco Systems is activated in more than 60 countries, in 5 continents, producing systems and high quality and resistance equipment for septic tanks and ecological and natural process and wastewater disposition systems.

The products stand out for their innovative characteristics, their law energy demands, their simple operation and their minimum preservation needs.

The AdvanTex® system is an accessible system. Easy to install and operate, designed in such a way in order to respond to actual needs.

The AdvanTex® system belongs at the wastewater treatment systems of low energy consumption. It constitutes an application of aerobic treatment, that yields a tertiary affluent, ideal for decentralized systems. Its operation is based on the operation of the adherent biomass systems.

The filler material is plastic porous under the form of fibrous fabric textile sheet. It has been tested and assessed by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). Therefore, AdvanTex® can serve all facilities that produce urban – hotel sewage from 5 to 10.000 residents. AdvanTex® is a trustworthy, functional, efficient and flexible system that can be adjusted to a wide range of charges (from 1-120%).


The AdvanTex® technology offers:


  1. Money saving accelerated depreciation:

Accelerated depreciation that is secured through the very low operational cost and the high system efficiency. The operation cost is 5-10 times lower than the cost of old fashioned classic wastewater treatments and a full depreciation takes place in a few years. As a consequence, maximum benefit is obtained..

  1. Duration & easiness

Maximum duration, maximum guarantee and extremely simple in its operation.

  1. High quality & aesthetics without noise and odors: 


Respect to the natural environment, to the quality of life and the aesthetics of the location in which they are installed. Designed and installed closed, with a nice appearance and a silent and odorless operation.



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