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Laboratory Tests

Physicochemical & Microbiological Tests

Laboratory Tests

Our laboratory and consultancy services concerning all caterogies of water and wastewater include:

  • All the necessary physical, chemical and microbiological tests on drinking water according to the existing legislation.
  • All the necessary physical, chemical and microbiological tests on swimming pools water, hotel facilities and other entities according to the current legislation.
  • All the necessary physical, chemical and microbiological tests on treated wastewater (sewage treatment plant outflow) for reuse (e.g. irrigation) according to the existing legislation and relevant decisions by the authorities.
  • We perform sampling with the most qualified and trained personnel, who undertake the reception and transport of samples in accordance with international standards in the Dialynas S.A. facilities.
  • We carry out health inspections in aqueducts and water distribution networks.
  • We carry out laboratory studies and tests to determine the best water-related environmental problems management conditions or liquid waste management for industrial or other use.
  • We support municipalities, municipal companies (e.g. DEYA), and public authorities, for the control and monitoring of water and wastewater quality.

We are able to provide a full service package consisting of recording, sampling, analysis, evaluation of the results and technical support for water quality issues and / or wastewater for your company.

Ensuring reliability of analytical results

To ensure the reliability of the analytical results, the accredited laboratory of Dialynas S.A.:

  • is inspected annually by the National Accreditation Body (E.SY.D.)
  • implements methods validation procedures and internal quality control schemes for each method
  • shall assess the uncertainty of methods to facilitate the evaluation of results as to the limits of the law or of the relevant standards
  • participates in interlaboratory tests to demonstrate objectively the performance of the laboratory and to enable improvement of the applied techniques
  • provide laboratory results with traceability to national and international standards, through an appropriate calibration and calibration program
  • plans and implements internal audits by trained laboratory inspectors to identify aberrations, so those with the appropriate corrective actions to be eliminated and not reappear
  • calculates quantitative and qualitative indicators to assess and improve the effectiveness of the quality system and for setting targets

In an effort to continuously improve the quality of services provided, the Laboratory maintain regular and ongoing communication with its customers. Customers of Laboratory by completing the relevant questionnaire evaluate the services provided.