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Corporate Social Responsibility

For Dialynas S.A, social responsibility constitutes part of its philosophy and way of operation. The services provided contribute in the improvement of life quality and as a company Dialynas S.A. recognizes its responsibility share towards the environment.

The respect and the protection of the environment are the strategic basis for the long term and environmental friendly development of Dialynas S.A.

The basic axes of the environmental strategy of the company are the compliance with national and European environmental legal requirements and the continuous improvement of the environmental performance of the company, in conjunction with the simultaneous contribution in the total viable development.

As part of the continuous improvement of its environmental performance, Dialynas S.A. implements its own Environmental Management System, which is being controlled and is certified according to the standard ISO 14001.

Towards the same direction, the company is accredited for its Quality Assurance according to the internationally recognized standard ISO 9001.