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AdvanTex AX-MAX

AdvanTex AX-MAX & AX-Mobile

AdvanTex AX-MAX constitutes the optimal solution for mobile wastewater management through the use of contemporary technology and systems that operate with absolute trustworthiness and safety for the environment and public health.

Orenco’s new AX-MAX is a modular, fully-plumbed treatment plant capable of handling flows from 15 m3/d up to 4000 m3/d, an ideal size for entire communities or commercial/residential development on the urban fringe.  The sister version, AX-Mobile, can be used for remote, temporary, or mobile applications.

The AX-MAX is built inside an insulated fiberglass tank that is durable, lightweight, and watertight.  The AdvanTex-Max can be installed above- or below-ground, singly or in multi-tank arrays.  
Assuming domestic strength wastewater, the performance is outstanding (cBOD/TSS~5mg/L). For nitrogen sensitive areas requiring greater than 65% nitrogen reduction, alternative configurations can be employed.   The unit can also be designed to meet strict nutrient limits or re-use standards.
AdvanTex AX-MAX features a modular design, allowing communities and developments to add capacity on demand, deferring the majority of costs until flow — and revenue — are generated.  

Operation and maintenance requirements and costs are a fraction of those for conventional activated sludge and membrane technologies.  That makes the AX-MAX ideal for small municipalities with part-time operational staff.
Remote telemetry control panels are an integral part of all commercial AdvanTex Treatment System equipment packages.  System operators can monitor and evaluate the system remotely, and can configure the panel to automatically page the operator in the event of an alarm.
Advanced nutrient removal, filtration, and disinfection options, along with telemetry controls for alarm notification and process optimization, make AdvanTex AX-MAX effluent suited for reuse applications, dust control, and surface discharge.

Benefits and Innovations

•    Lifetime > 30 years
•    Tertiary element in one phase of biological process
•    Minimum demands concerning monitoring and maintenance (one visit every month)
•    Low power use (•    Minimum treatment costs (power consumption •    Silent and completely odorless process (with a compost filter)
•    It is not influenced by long-hour power cuts (it can last 12 hours without power)
•    It does not require screening-degritting-degreasing. The solids are contained in the septic tank and are bio-stabilized (debris removal every 5-10 years)
•    Easily adjustable in big load fluctuations
•    Covers minimum loadings, easy startup-shut down
•    Easily expandable with the addition of new units AX-MAX
•    It does not produce neither biosolids that needs a periodical removal nor other waste
•    10-year written guarantee for all parts of the wastewater treatment system.
•    Portable – Self-contained, fully-plumbed, Quick set-up/take-down

True Facts


• Small and fast built settlements need reliable, low-maintenance, energy-efficient wastewater treatment that can be easily deployed and transported. Orenco’s AdvanTex AX-MAX is a portable, “plug & play” wastewater treatment system that can be shipped by truck or cargo container.
• All systems can be easily disconnected and transported to other new settlements.  The AX-MAX provides mobility to adopt to the needs of expansion or transportation.
• All systems can be easily expanded if needed with the addition of extra prefabricated units.
• Treated effluent: a) the effluent can be reused for irrigation of trees and landscaping development, or safe discharge (in neighboring storm-brooks or subsurface trenches), b) the digested biosolids can be reused as fertilizer in landscaping areas or for compost production or disposed in a septage station.
• The systems consists of parallel lines, operating with full auxiliary-spare and stand-by equipment, in all items, so has high levels of reliability and stability in any damage and equipment problem. All the equipment (main & stand-by) is controlled by PLC systems and with continuous telemetry, to minimize any possibility of any operational problem.
• Such decentralized technologies can decrease severely the sewage pipping construction cost up to 80%.
• If the morphology of the site encumbers the design of gravity sewerage systems and demands pumping stations to collect the sewage, then AX-systems can give functional solutions with designing and constructing gravity sewers for each neighborhood and more than one separate wastewater treatment plants, so all sewerage systems operate by-gravity.
• Our company can improve and complete all the revised design of the drainage systems for an optimized design and economic construction-operation and maintenance of all the sewerage systems.

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