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Holistic - Ολοκληρωμένη Διαχείριση Νερού σε Αστικά Οικιστικά Συγκροτήματα

Holistic – Integrated Water Management in Urban Housing Units

The company Dialynas S.A. participates in the European project Holistic – Integrated Water Management in Urban Housing Units


The object of the project is the development of an integrated water management system that concerns fresh water, grey water (bathrooms, sinks, laundries) and blackwater (toilets and sinks) as well as outputs from surfaces such as terraces and balconies (runoff), aiming at the maximization of the reuse (ie green terraces) and the minimization of use, mainly in urban housing units.



The objects of the project are:

  • The selection of the most suitable grey water treatment system, for urban housing units, taking into consideration the input from different apartments, with different characteristics of water usage and sewage production (different pick). The selection of the most suitable black water treatment system will be made accordingly.
  • The development of a runoff treatment system based on the first flush principle, that is the treatment of the first runoff quantity as black, due to the high volume of waste (concentration in surfaces), and of the following runoff as grey, due to lower percentages of waste.
  • The development of different usage systems of different water qualities, that will be including the use in cisterns, out space laundry, the irrigation of the communal garden, the irrigation of green in every apartment and the irrigation of green rooms. The target is to record and deal with problems such as A) possible hygiene and safety issues B) issues of sufficient qualities to cover needs (proper dimensioning of water storage), need management through automatisms and overflow / bypass systems development. C) Correlation of the consumption with the size of families and other social and cultural choices.
  • The selection of the suitable structures in green terraces that will be in position to manage black and grey water as irrigation sources.

It includes the selection of suitable plant species so as to create in ordcer to create a green terrace irrigated by grey and black water, as well as the automatisms for the sub-irrigation of the plant terrace.

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